Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Group Portrain JRN 280

Photojournalism students at Pima Community College break out their inner cheerleader on a cool October afternoon.

Top row from left: Ana Ramirez, Melissa Guz. Bottom row: Tamara Stephens, James Sargent and Conrad Pursley.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Gallery Tour JRN 280

PORTRAITS featuring Louis Carlos Bernal, Ann Simmons-Myers and Hirotsune Tashima will be on display in the Louis Carlos Bernal Gallery at the Pima Community College West Campus through Oct. 22.

On the lower right of the display case is a self portrait of Bernal.

The gallery opened on Sept. 7 and is free to the public.
Some of Tashima's work on display at the gallery.

Aztec Press adviser and PCC photojournalism instructor Cynthia Lancaster takes some time out to examine various photographs at the gallery. She took her class to view it as well.

Students were assigned to photograph the gallery as they would for a newspaper.

Ana Ramirez looks through her pictures during the visit.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Diffused Light JRN 280

Ana Ramirez enjoys a cool fall afternoon at the Pima Comminity College West Campus. She is on the staff of the Aztec Press as a photographer and is planing on going to Arizona State University.

Depth of Field JRN 280

One of my cats, Cupcake, enjoys looking out a window while sitting on a sofa ledge.